Welcome To The Brand New Radical Russ!

By on October 23, 2013 in Blog with 0 Comments


The following website is nearing the beginning of the official launch! Our plan of action with Radical Russ is to bring you, our followers rave reviews on a wide range of products & services. Have something you want to know more about, tell us and we will check it out & throw our team at it to see if it is a waste of money or worth every penny.

What are we going to be bringing you?

  • High quality information
  • Top of the line product reviews
  • Photos/video reviews
  • Trending products for every season

What won’t we be doing?

  • Wasting your time
  • Using up your energy
  • Lying about the greatness things are

We are honest, do “gooders” trying to offer real reviews without any of that promotional fluff we are seeing so often. Our goal is to end the trend of only positive reviews and provide you with exactly what you need, realism.

Who are we?

Your average joe blows with too much time on our hands (not really but we like to think we’ve got endless time). We are Radical Russ, just plain old radical in a “russ”tic kind of way! So let’s have some fun and welcome to the latest and greatest of Radical Russ!